Bare Bites All Natural Dehydrated Beef Liver Dog Cat Treats- 6oz Bag

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Bare Bites All Natural Dehydrated Beef Liver Dog Cat Treats- 6oz Bag
  • Single Ingredient 100% all natural beef liver for dogs - Made with USDA beef
  • Contain no fillers, additives or preservatives-Made in the USA
  • Thin treats with a nice snap - Perfect for training
  • Contains: One 6 ounce package
  • Naturally tasty, appeals to even the most finicky dog or cat

The Bare Bites Philosophy: Live Nice. Plain and simple. Put good things out into the world and receive good things in return. Makes sense, right?

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. Bare Bites are made with only one ingredient – 100% all natural beef liver. Thin treats with a nice snap make Bare Bites perfect for an everyday reward, training treat, and ideal “ring bait” (for our fancy show dog friends).

We are proud to be a woman-owned, dog-driven company. We are very grateful for the opportunity to provide high-quality treats to keep your animal healthy and happy. We promise to bring you wholesome pet products that you can trust.

The Bare Bites Philopsophy:
  • Keep it simple, using 100% all natural ingredients, leaving funky chemicals out of the mix and only sourcing the highest-quality.
  • Only use ingredients sourced from within the United States. Non of that other stuff from foreign countries.
  • We believe in  a “sense of community” whether that’s in your community of Kalamazoo, MI or our own backyard, in Frederick, MD.