Over the Moon Pet Products All Natural Cow Ears

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Over the Moon Pet Products All Natural Cow Ears
Over the Moon Cow Ears: 100% all Natural, Made in the USA, No-Hormones or Artificial Chemicals. These dog dental chews come in a pack of 10.

These treats are made in a USDA inspected and FDA regulated facility that is held to the highest-quality assurance standards.
This treat is free of grain or soy, so it's great for dog's with skin allergies.
Add your dogs favorite treat such as peanut butter! This cow hoof will keep your dog entertained. In addition, OTM cow ears promote healthy dog dental solutions. When your dog chews on most hard items such as our cow hooves they are actively removing plaque and tartar which leads to bad breath!
Benefits: Our OTM Cow earsfor dogs are 100% Made in the USA to ensure the healthiest and safest possible dog chews. When our treats our processed and packaged the upmost care is used. Our grass fed, no hormone cattle are processed in a a pant held to the highest standards.
Each Dog Dental Cow Hoof is made with absolutely NO HORMONES, NO ARTFICIAL INGREDIENTS, NO BY PRODUCTS, OR HARMFUL CHEMICALS. We take time in processing our hooves so your dog will love them and keep their tails wagging!

Like all our products, the OTM team stands behind each and everyone, and offer a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!