Over The Moon Pets Daily Dog Prebiotics - formulated with BiomeBliss

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 Over The Moon Pets Daily Dog Prebiotics - formulated with BiomeBliss


  • Helps maintain healthy mealtime blood sugar in dogs!
  • HELPS CONTROL: Hunger and appetite for weight management, promotes regularity, protects the gut lining and primes the immune system for intestinal health and satiety in dogs.
  • Top of the line Dog Prebiotic!
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Inulin, blueberry extract and beta-glucan. Delicious, berry-flavored prebiotics with polyphenol antioxidants from one cup of blueberries per serving. Best tasting fiber for gut performance in pets.
  • Only 60 calories, 5 net carbs, 0 grams of sugar, and 0 grams of fat. Fits well with many diets: vegan, raw, vegetarian, keto, lactose-free, and low net-carb. Human Tested, Pet Approved!

What is OTM Dog Prebiotics with BiomeBliss? 

-Helps promote weight loss and weight management in overweight dogs
-Helps control hunger
-Maintains regularity in your dog's stomach

What's in our OTM Prebiotic:

A Berry-Flavored Dog Prebiotics Blend Promoting metabolic and digestive health by Nourishing, Shifting is specially designed for: pet parents paying attention to their dogs' healthy blood sugar levels, weight management issues, digestive issues, dogs wanting to manage weight & control hunger, and essentially anyone who wants their dog to live and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

BiomeBliss vs. Other Prebiotics or Probiotics: 

What’s the biggest difference between BiomeBliss and other dog prebiotics or probiotics you ask? Polyphenol antioxidants from blueberries! BiomeBliss includes prebiotics from a full cup of blueberries in every serving, to shift the bacterial population towards species that are healthy for us. 

Blueberry as a superfood are powerful antioxidants for dogs! 

While there is no single “good” type of microorganism for gut health, we have spent years researching the best blend for supporting a healthy microbiome. And this is another important difference between BiomeBliss and other prebiotics: we haven’t just clinically tested the ingredients in our blend, we’ve tested the blend itself and it is an excellent blend to nourish, shift, and protect the microbiome in your dog’s stomach and gut.
Directions and Serving Size Based on Dogs Weight: 

Included is a small scoop for measuring your dog’s supplement.
The small scoop is a teaspoon (5 cc)
Serve one teaspoon for every ten pound your dogs weighs: 

You may give your dog two servings per day- a few hours apart. 

Example: A thirty-pound pooled can have three teaspoons in the morning and three in the evening.
The larger scoop inside is for 100lb dog