Pepper & Tanky Peaches n' Cream Dog Perfume

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Pepper & Tanky Peaches n' Cream Dog Perfume

Peaches n' Cream: an opulent floral and fruity combination that will win the heart of your sassy dog.


The newest and simplest way to treat your beloved dogs is with Pepper & Tanky, a French cruelty-free eau du parfum. Made from the highest quality ingredients available, Pepper & Tanky is formulated from natural oils and uses less alcohol than most fragrances, making it less irritating to a dog's coat, skin and sensitive sense of smell.

The subtle scent lasts for days without being overpowering and is applied gently by spraying the parfum onto your palms and petting your dog. More than just a chic treat, Pepper & Tanky is also functional and perfect for "touch-ups" in between grooming appointments or baths and has even been tested (and approved) by humans.

Pepper & Tanky began as an idea between two lifelong friends, Christina Kegeyan and Jasmine Oganesyan, who wanted to create something special (and totally fabulous) for their beloved dogs. The duo teamed up with a French parfumer to create a distinct collection of dog-friendly scents and named it Pepper & Tanky, in honor of Christina's beloved Cairn Terrier (Pepper) and Pit Bull (Tanky).

Pepper & Tanky fragrances have a classic, round bottle with a stylish, vintage inspired atomizer. They have already garnered rave reviews from fellow pet lovers, groomers, animal behaviorists, editors and even Hollywood celebrities.