Relaxing Raspberry, Teeny Groom Genie

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Relaxing Raspberry, Teeny Groom Genie

Pets and owners agree, petting a pet is more enjoyable than brushing a pet. However, the Groom Genie™ combines both. Its unique bristle design and pattern calms pets while it gently unravels knots in hair and fur. Each penetrating stroke of the Groom Genie helps to evenly pull natural oils through hair and fur for healthy skin and coat. Works its magic on any pet, wet or dry. Your pet will go from never wanting to be brushed to never wanting it to stop. 20% Smaller than the regular Groom Genie.


The Groom Genie is one of the most magical pet grooming tools ever made. Our studies have shown that pets love being brushed after the first use of the Groom Genie. The more you brush your pets, the healthier their coats will be and the less pet hair you’ll find in your home. Because the Groom Genie makes brushing a breeze, you’ll spend less time doing it each time. You’ll make your pet and yourself happy.



Better Bristles:

BRISTLE DESIGN: Part of the real magic behind the Groom Genie brush is its unique tri-length bristle pattern which gently unravels knotted fur and hair, instead of pulling it.

TENSION STRENGTH: The Groom Genie bristles are designed to give just enough in order to undo knots without pulling them, making the brushing experience feel more like petting than brushing.

BRISTLE COLOR: The dove gray color of the bristles make it easy to see potential issues with a pet’s coat like pests and dried blood.


A BETTER GRIP: The handle—or the lack thereof—of the Groom Genie is a unique paw shape design. Obviously, this was inspired by the pets this brush will brush, but the shape also has a function. The indentures formed by the paw create a natural and comfortable place to position fingers and palms for pet owners.

NO HANDLE. NO PROBLEM: Without a handle, your hand can be closer to the fur/hair, creating instant reaction time to problem areas. Additionally, the handleless format allows for more even and thorough pressure with each stroke.



HEALTHY COATS AND RELATIONSHIPS:With the Groom Genie, the brushing experience for a pet is more like being pampered than groomed – which allows you to brush your pet more effectively. The more you can brush your pet the more evenly natural oils will be distributed, leaving coat healthy and shiny.

OVER TOO SOON: Both you and your pet will get pleasure from sharing the brushing experience more often. This means they will stay less matted, their coats look better and you’ll have less less hair on furniture and clothes. Enough said!

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    Kittycat massage therapy

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 4th 2015

    Even my get-away-from-me-with-that-brush kitty loves to see this one come out of the treat box. Gently removes loose fur, massages the skin and causes lots of purring and drooling.