Bark Deli

When it comes to plush dog toys the Bark Deli collection really gets those tails wagging!

We know everyone enjoys a great pawty or even a deli. Our line of Bark Deli Toys will keep those dogs happy!

Our Plush toys are great training tools! Just make sure to interact with your animal to make sure they are using our plush toy as a stimulating training tool. Once your dog has an item in its mouth that can be easily teared up or dangerous to swallow like a sock, replace that object with our Bark Deli plush toys. Allowing dogs to treat plush toys as chew toys or tug toys often results in the toy being torn up and destroyed in a matter of days so please make sure to follow the proper steps to make sure your dog does not rip up the plush toy!

Our designs are playful and stylish. All of them were designed by our team of creative toys designers located here in the United States!

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