BEDTIME BONES are an All-Natural Dog Treat with Organic Ingredients-Chamomile to Help Your Dog Sleep

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  • Bedtime Bones are a monthly supply of bedtime treats made with chamomile and organic ingredients for your dog. (Yes, chamomile affects your dog the same way it does you). Treats are made in the USA and the package is eco-friendly so there’s nothing to keep you awake at night either!
  • Feed daily. There are 31 in each package. (Dogs with higher metabolisms may need more.)
  • It makes a great gift for the new puppy parent since it's a natural way to help pups get to sleep.
  • Ingredients: organic-rye flour, organic oats, honey, canola oil, whole dried eggs and chamomile.
  • Note-no wheat, soy, corn or fillers to spoil any appetites. Contains Organic Ingredients!!!!!